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Does ISIS enter Europe through the MIT member in Athens?

Kurdistan Strategic Research Center’s website claimed that “MIT operative Ozlem Demircioglu who lives in Athens is the one letting ISIS action units into Europe”.

The article published on said, “It has come to light that it was MIT operative Ozlem Demircioglu, who works as a clerk in the Turkish Embassy in Athens, who ensured ISIS action units were able to cross from Syria into Western Europe through Greece. The person who receives these units at the Syrian border and disperses them throughout Athens and other centers is alleged to be MIT Special Operations Department Head retired Captain Kemal Eskintan, code name Ebu Furkan.”

The article didn’t cite sources, but stated that MIT operatives have let into Europe the ISIS action units responsible for various explosions in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

The article included information on Demircioglu, pointing out that the 32-year-old born in Trabzon was appointed to the Turkish Embassy in Athens as a clerk in early 2017. continued: “Demircioglu is officially employed as a clerk, but is directly involved in MIT activity in reality. Her mission is allegedly to make sure the ISIS units hidden among the migrants crossing into Western Europe from the Mediterranean over Greece get to their locations safely.”

Another name stood out in the article, and the article claimed that ISIS action units were moved into Europe through a MIT operative named Tuncay who is stationed along the border on orders from retired Captain Kemal Eskintan, code name Ebu Furkan, head of the MIT Special Activities Department.

ISIS units were allegedly placed among migrants heading to Greece after they were brought from Syria into Turkey through Hatay and placed in secret centers for a while.

The article said, “The one who ensures safe passage to Western Europe from Greece is allegedly MIT Foreign Operations Department Member Ozlem Demircioglu, who is officially a clerk in the Turkish Embassy in Athens.”

4 people detained in Greece in August 2017 on suspicion of being ISIS members were allegedly released by Demircioglu’s efforts. She reportedly launched diplomatic efforts through the Turkish Embassy.

The article said Eskintan continues to ensure safe passage for ISIS units from Syria.

The article said: “Eskintan wanted to resign twice to run for parliament from the AKP, but his resignations were not accepted by the MIT due to his ongoing duties. He was made Department of Security Director in 2010, and Special Operations Department Director in 2014 mostly due to his activity in Iraq and Syria. From 2017 onwards, he has been in the epicenter of bribery, drug and sex trafficking with his appointment as the Special Activities Department Deputy Director.”



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